I am Frederic Munro Wiggins and I am the owner of Munro Photography, one of Central Virginia's growing photography businesses.

I was bitten by the shutter bug when I was 10 years old and my dad let me use his Mamiya 35mm SLR. I even worked an entire summer gardening just so I could save up to buy my first SLR camera. Since then I've been hooked. I've used 35mm SLR cameras, an old 120 Twin Lens and have even kept pace with the times and upgraded to digital SLR cameras. I have been shooting professionally for about six years now.

My first professional camera gigs were taking sports photos for a local newspaper. I still do take photos for another local newspaper. You could even say that's where I really learned a lot about taking photos. Some I learned from the other professionals I worked with. Sometimes I learned about something the hard way.In my six years of taking photos professionally, I have shot with both film and digital media. I've shot everything from concerts including Aerosmith and Blue Man Group to crime scenes to weddings. Even though most of the work I do now is digital, I still take photos with my film cameras from time to time, whether for art, or a special project.

My philosophy when it comes to taking photos is pretty much based on how I have taken photos for the past six years in the media industry: to do it with as little interference with the environment as possible. That means that I have a photojournalistic style.I just look at it as capturing a moment in time and in the truest sense of that moment. I've even received state level recognition for my ability to do just that with the win of a Virginia Press Association award for news photography.

Personally, I look at it this way, with my experience as a news photographer I know the meaning of a once in a lifetime moment and know how to work well under pressure. For me capturing those moments comes naturally. It's almost an instinctual thing. But beyond believing in those types of moments, a photographer has to know how to capture them with some sense of emotion - that is capturing the emotion of the moment in the photo. That can come down to using a slightly different angle, or even athe right kind of film. In this digital world though, that often comes down to processing the image correctly and toning it properly.

So I hope you like what you see here and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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